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for LinkedIn Learning


It is a platform programmed with PHP7, HTML5, CSS3 and a little bit JavaScript (this platform also works with JavaScript disabled! Just ignore then the warning message that you will see), that allows you to watch ALL video courses in any language available from Linkedin Learning directly on this platform without no tracking and without the need of to read never ending Terms of Services or Policies and so on. You do not need an expensive abo to view the latest video courses published on the Linkedin Learning Platform, and you do not need to provide any payment method and whatsoever. All content accessable is provided for free and without charge. Anyone can use this platform because no logs are created, no IP's are recorded nor will Linkedin know at any time you ever were watching here and what.
The platform fetches various informations about a Linkedin Learning video course, like index, titles, chapters, video lengths, course/video-slugs, direct links to the videos, direct links to excercise files, and much more. This website parses and processes this informations in order to create this platform. All data is legally accessed and made available for anyone. But this is strictly against Linkedin Learning's Terms of Service but who cares LOLOLOLz0mgROFL!!!!!!!11
Go to, choose a course and type in the URL of the course into the box. Alternatively a course slug.


the slug would be ethical-hacking-enumeration
4 July 2020
Fixed metatags for correctly showing a preview of the site content (title-description-bannerimage) when the link to a course or video is posted on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and so on
21 June 2020
Corrected the way of getting the thumbnails presented on the video course index site. This was required because of Linkedin Learning API changes.

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